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Life Force

Life Force

How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life Those You Love


Tony Robbins, Peter H. Diamandis, (mit) Robert Hariri








What if there were scientific solutions that could erase our biggest fears of an illness, a life-threatening diagnosis, or the effects of aging? What if we had access to the same cutting-edge methods and technologies used by top professionals and the world's best athletes?

In this book, Tony Robbins, the world's leading life and business coach, introduces us to more than 100 of the world's leading medical professionals and presents us with the latest research and amazing advances in precision medicine that we can apply today to extend the length and quality of our lives.

From Robbins and Dr. Diamandis, we learn how we can wake up every day with more energy, a strong immune system and the know-how to turn back our biological clock. In doing so, they emphasize that this book is suitable for everyone — from high-performance athletes to the average person who wants to increase their energy and strength, to people who are looking for healing.

This book is the result of a journey Robbins himself took to change his life. After being told that his health problems were irreversible, he saw first-hand how the new regenerative technology not only helped him heal but also made him stronger than ever before.