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The Circadian Code

The Circadian Code

Lose Weight, Supercharge Your Energy, and Transform Your Health from Morning to Midnight


Satchin Panda








For most people, waking up, being hungry, and going to sleep take place at around the same time each day. If we're jet-lagged or if we've been through the whole night for once, we know that this schedule can easily get out of balance. But for some people, this imbalance — trouble sleeping at night, hunger at odd hours, or sudden tiredness at noon — is a constant. For those who count themselves among them, Dr. Satchin Panda, one of the leading researchers in the field of circadian rhythms, has a plan for resetting the body clock.

The Circadian Code starts with a detailed explanation of the circadian clock — why it's important, how it works, and how you can tell if it isn't working — and shows how you can change your lifestyle to get back on track. It's a concrete plan to promote weight loss, improve sleep, optimize movement, and handle technology so that it doesn't interfere with the body's natural rhythm. Dr. Panda's life-changing methods show us how we can prevent and reverse diseases such as diabetes, cancer and dementia as well as microbiome complaints such as heartburn and irritable bowel disease.