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The Illusion of Knowledge

The Illusion of Knowledge

The paradigm shift in aging research that shows the way to human rejuvenation


Harold Katcher







In May 2020, the publication of a scientific paper on rat rejuvenation shook the foundations of the research community concerned with the potential reversal of aging. The article reported an average epigenetic rejuvenation of 54% of animals, in addition to reversing dozens of biochemical markers from old rats to levels typical of young rats. The main developer of the therapy that led to these results was Dr. Harold Katcher.

The scientific community was shocked to the experiment and almost instinctively repeated the sentence “It's too good to be true.” That is why Dr. Katcher decided to write this book, in which he explains in detail the basics of his theory of aging and the evolutionary and biochemical basis of the mechanisms that determine the lifespan of different species.

However, Dr. Katcher has covered much more than just the purely scientific part of this book. By also carrying out an in-depth analysis of the history of scientific ideas and humanity's relationship to the idea of immortality, he shows that it was not by chance that he may have made the greatest discovery in human history.