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The New Rules of Aging Well

The New Rules of Aging Well

A Simple Program for Immune Resilience, Strength, and Vitality


Frank Lipman, Danielle Claro







Dr. med. Frank Lipman is a leader in the areas of wellness, integrative and functional medicine. The New Rules of Aging Well contains everything he teaches his patients about reversing the so-called “symptoms of aging” — and much more. Complaints such as feeling nauseous and bloated are absolutely not a side effect of aging. They are warning signs that lifestyle changes need to be made. And it is lifestyle choices, not genes, that have a huge impact on how we age. This is where we learn how to make the best decisions to look younger and feel better all around.

In clearly titled and easily worded posts, we learn that “The most effective anti-aging mechanism is to eat less” and that “eating at night makes you fat”; it explains whether “16-hour fasting” is worth all the hype and that “sugar is the worst food we can feed our bodies”; “Sleeping more is better,” and we learn why “eating mushrooms for longevity” is important. We learn from “common medications that shouldn't be common” and that “bone broth heals holes in the intestines.”

And what happens when the rules are followed? A longer health span in which we look great and feel energized, happy, sexy, agile, and strong.