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The Longevity Project

The Longevity Project

Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life from the Landmark Eight-Decade Study


Howard S. Friedman, Leslie R. Martin







This groundbreaking study, which Dr. Andrew Weil describes as “a remarkable achievement with surprising conclusions,” questions the advice given to us about living healthily into old age.

Time and again, we hear that the key to longevity lies in paying attention to what we eat, how much stress we have and how much exercise we do. Based on the most extensive study on longevity ever conducted, The Longevity Project uncovers what really affects our lifespan — including friends, family, work, and personality.

Dr. Howard Friedman and Dr. Leslie Martin collect new information and use modern statistics to study participants over eight decades, and refute myths about achieving health and longevity. For example, people don't die because they work long hours in a demanding job — many who work the hardest live the longest. Being and staying married isn't a magical ticket to a long life, especially if you're a woman. And it is not the lucky ones who succeed — it is the thoughtful and persistent who flourish over the years.

With questionnaires to help us find out where we are on the longevity spectrum and advice on how to stay healthy, this book is changing the way we think about living a long, healthy life.