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The Science and Technology of Growing Young

The Science and Technology of Growing Young

An Insider's Guide to the Breakthroughs That Will Dramatically Extend Our Lifespan . . . and What You Can Do Right Now


Sergey Young







The prospect of living to be 200 years old is no longer science fiction. A pioneer in the emerging field of longevity explains from his point of view what groundbreaking developments are on the horizon and what practical steps we can take now to live healthily up to 100 and beyond.

In The Science and Technology of Growing Young, Sergey Young demystifies the world of longevity, breaks through the hype and provides insight into the exciting opportunities that await us. By viewing aging as a condition that can be cured, we can dramatically revolutionize the field of longevity and make it accessible to everyone.

The Longevity investor and visionary has compiled findings from the world's leading healthcare entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors and inventors and offers a comprehensive look at the future of longevity, divided into two horizons:

One horizon, The Near Horizon of Longevity, shows the technological developments that will enable us to live up to 150 years - some of which are already in use - from AI-based diagnostics to gene editing and organ regeneration.

The other horizon, The Far Horizon of Longevity, offers a journey through the future of age reversal and the exciting technologies that will enable us to live healthy lives up to 200 — from digital avatars to AI and brain integration. In a bonus chapter, Sergey also presents 10 already known and easy-to-implement longevity options that allow us to live to 100 years. He distills the scientific knowledge about diet, exercise, sleep, mental health, and our environment into achievable habits and lifestyle hacks that anyone can adopt to significantly improve their lives and jobs.

The Science and Technology of Growing Young combines practical advice with an incredible overview of the bold new world ahead of us and redefines what it means to age as a person and get younger in the process.